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  1. Basics. Supposed to is part of a modal verb phrase meaning expected to or required to. Although suppose to crops up frequently in casual speech and writing, it should not be used in that sense. Suppose (without the d) should only be used as the present tense of the verb meaning to .
  2. supposed to 1. Intended, expected, or believed to do something. This new software is supposed to make things a lot more efficient, but I find it so confusing that everything is taking me twice as long!
  3. supposed to 1 Intended to; also, believed to, expected to. For example, This pill is supposed to relieve your pain, or You're supposed to be my partner.
  4. Definition of be supposed to 1: to be expected to do something They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. She was supposed to be here an hour ago. The movie was supposed to earn a lot of .
  5. suppose verb (THINK LIKELY) A2 [ T ] to think that something is likely to be true: [ + (that) ] Dan didn't answer his phone, so I suppose (that) he's busy. He found it a lot more difficult to get a job than he .
  6. Supposed to Supposed to is the conventional spelling of the adjectival phrase meaning required to, expected to, or allowed to. But suppose to is common enough to be considered acceptable at least in informal writing, and it does not cause confusion.
  7. Definition of suppose. transitive verb. 1 a: to lay down tentatively as a hypothesis, assumption, or proposal suppose a fire broke out suppose you bring the salad. b (1): to hold as an opinion: .
  8. The primary use of supposed, however, is the adjectival form, which has two primary meanings. The first meaning of the adjective supposed (pronounced suh-po-zed) is generally assumed or presumed to be case, but not necessarily so. Your supposed friend might be your primary enemy.
  9. Dec 14,  · be supposed to+動詞原形の意味 “be supposed to ~” の意味は「(何らかの理由で)~するはずの状態」が「目の前にある現実」とは別にあるとイメージすると分かりやすいです。 シチュエーションや主語や動詞によってイメージする「~するはずの状態」の内容は変わりますが、会話中 .

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